TRACS by ClockHealth - Streamlining Home Healthcare

Product / Platform Overview:

In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the demand for care management solutions is growing. TRACS is a digital health management platform incubated by Xyram, is at the forefront of this transition. It delivers comprehensive, AI-driven healthcare directly to patients' homes, seamlessly integrating technology with personalized care. This approach not only improves patient health outcomes but also streamlines workflows for healthcare providers.

Innovative Solutions from TRACS:

  • Integrated Health Management: TRACS provides a complete view of a patient’s health data on easy-to-use dashboards. This includes vital signs such as blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol, weight, and BMI. Patients and doctors can use these dashboards for teleconsultations and to monitor health remotely.
  • AI-Powered Tools and Insights: The platform uses artificial intelligence to help make better healthcare decisions and to spot health risks early. It sends alerts and gives insights that help in planning patient care including care gaps, including using predictive analytics to flag patients who might face health issues.
  • Comprehensive Device Integration: Patients have a set of wearable devices that work with AI to automatically record and send health data to the cloud. This allows for up-to-date health monitoring and instant updates to their health records.
  • Care Coordination and Support:Healthcare providers can look after patients' health from afar, make changes to prescriptions, and provide personalized care plans. At the same time, program coordinators help patients stick to their treatment plans and handle communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Key Features of TRACS:

  • Health Monitoring Devices: These devices automatically measure and record key health details like blood pressure, glucose levels, and weight. The data is instantly sent to the patient’s health record.
  • Integrated Care Management: This feature allows providers to see all of a patient's health information in one place. Using a single dashboard, they can manage care plans and make well-informed decisions.
  • Patient Engagement Tools:To help patients stay on track with their health routines, the platform offers reminders, educational materials, and rewards for following their treatment plans.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Insights: The system sends immediate alerts and provides insights, helping both patients and healthcare providers stay informed about any necessary changes to care plans.
  • Comprehensive Support Functions: Program coordinators help with setting up devices, onboarding new patients, and providing continuous education to ensure patients understand and can manage their health effectively.


TRACS by ClockHealth incubated by Xyram has significantly advanced the “care management for care continuum . By effectively merging technology with personalized care, ClockHealth can not only enhance the quality of life for many patients but also optimize the roles of healthcare providers. The platform will be a cornerstone in the evolution of telehealth, care gap closures, chronic care management, home healthcare, demonstrating the power of digital health solutions in making healthcare management more adaptive, predictive, and personalized.

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