PHAST – Primary Healthcare Activity Surveillance and Tracking

Project Overview:

As India embraces digital transformation, PHAST emerges as a central solution supported by Xyram to modernize public health management. This platform is specifically engineered to address the unique challenges faced by Primary Health Centers (PHCs) and other healthcare facilities, offering a streamlined approach to managing health services efficiently. PHAST transforms the landscape of public health by enabling seamless patient registration, appointment scheduling, and the management of health records and public health activities. Xyram’s deep technological expertise and understanding of healthcare dynamics have equipped PHAST to not only integrate effortlessly with existing government healthcare services but also enhance the delivery of public health services across communities.

Successfully implemented in a major city's PHCs, PHAST proves its effectiveness and scalability, making it an ideal choice for similar institutions looking to upgrade their health service management systems.

PHAST's Innovative Solutions :

  • Unified Health Service Portal: PHAST integrates all essential public health services into one platform, making it easier for users to access and manage their health data.
  • Efficient Public Health Management: Features like activity assignment tracking and worker administration ensure that public health initiatives are executed effectively and efficiently.
  • Enhanced Communication: With integrated messages and notifications, PHAST keeps all stakeholders informed and engaged, improving the flow of information and responsiveness of services.

Key Features:

  • Public Health Patient Registrations & Appointments: Streamlines the process for patient entry and scheduling within the public health system.
  • Personal Health Records Management: Allows for secure storage and easy access to personal health information, facilitating better health management.
  • Public Workers Administration & User Management: Streamlines the management of public health staff and controls access to healthcare services.
  • Activity Assignment and Completion Tracking: Ensures that public health tasks are assigned clearly and tracked through to completion.
  • Public Health Surveys and Report Generation: Facilitates the collection of essential public health data and generates insightful reports for policy making.
  • Integration Portal for all Government Services: Acts as a hub for integrating various government healthcare services, enhancing the coordination of public health initiatives.
  • Document Management Services: Manages and stores important healthcare documents securely, simplifying document access and control.


PHAST, supported by Xyram, showcases our deep expertise in seamlessly integrating complex government health systems with the latest digital technologies. This platform brings all aspects of public health management under one umbrella, making processes like patient registrations, health record management, and data analytics more efficient and user-friendly. Our understanding of both technology and the specific needs of public health administration has enabled PHAST to significantly improve how health services are delivered. Already proven in large city PHCs, PHAST is demonstrating its value, streamlining operations, and enhancing the quality of healthcare. It's more than just a system—it's a leap forward in public health, powered by Xyram's commitment to innovation and excellence in digital solutions.

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