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Digital Transformation Services

Product Engineering Services
Product Engineering Services
Your trusted partner for product strategy, design, engineering, development, and rollout. End-to-end software design, development, testing & release to meet your specific needs.
enterprise digital transformation
Enterprise Consulting and Architecture
Enterprise IT landscape assessment, road mapping, architecture development, review, and lifecycle management from strategy to deployment.
ai and healthcare
Integration, Data & AI
Cloud-native approach to data & insights using data mining & analytics. Integrating distributed enterprise IT systems using service-oriented architecture.
Software Development
Agile software development & automation through CI/CD pipelines to minimize cycle times and time to market.
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Quality Assurance
Comprehensive testing services across channels and platforms using manual and automated testing techniques. HIPAA Process Compliance Consulting.
cloud security services
Cloud Security
Security at the point of data for both – data at rest and in transit. Adopt cloud-native security tools to build a comprehensive compliance framework.
software testing services
Extended Team
Providing expert resources as an extended team to clients onsite for solution architecting, code development, testing, rollout & maintenance.
healthcare consulting firms
Healthcare Consulting
Streamline your healthcare operations with our specialized consulting services. Offering HL7 standards consulting, HIPAA compliance guidance, and program management for standards implementation, we ensure enhanced service delivery and regulatory compliance.

Areas of Focus

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Enterprise Applications and Services
To thrive in the digital age, we simplify your technology landscape and transform & modernize legacy systems to enhance operational efficiency and minimize the total cost of ownership. We deliver superior customer outcomes through our business value-driven technology solutions. Our outcome-based service delivery framework optimizes operational expenditures and fuels growth.
healthcare consulting
Healthcare Platforms and Solutions
Our healthcare IT solutions are built on deep domain knowledge and extensive consulting experience, follow HIPAA standards, and offer tech-driven data integration and interoperability solutions. With us, you can trust that your technology solutions are in capable hands, allowing you to prioritize what matters most—focusing on providing efficient and effective "health" outcomes.
Software Development
Software Product Engineering
When building a software product, you can focus on your CORE areas like marketing, intellectual property, customers, and investors, while we offer great talent, experience, and operational efficiencies through our Software Product Engineering Services. You can focus on your 'CORE', and with Xyram as your trusted partner, accelerate your product development journey.

Who we are

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Established in 2013, Xyram specializes in consulting and IT services for healthcare and enterprise business domains. With a proud record of more than 95% of projects delivered on time, we build impactful technological solutions for our society to thrive in a healthy, secure, and digitally connected world.

Why Choose Us

healthcare consulting
Healthcare Domain Expertise
We have expertise in FHIR, consulting, cloud, data, and AI to tackle complex healthcare Tech challenges.
digital transformation consulting
End-to-End Ownership
From inception to deployment, we manage every aspect, ensuring seamless integration across disparate systems.
digital transformation consulting
Agile & Compliant SDLC Solutions
We enhance SDLC with Agile, CI/CD, DevOps, and HIPAA compliance for unmatched security, efficiency, and trust.
artificial intelligence healthcare
Functional and Technical Expertise
We specialize in SAP, Salesforce, MS CRM, and MS Power Apps, enhancing enterprise efficiency and innovation.
digital transformation in healthcare
Healthcare Interoperability
Leveraging our deep healthcare expertise for product development, custom software, and HL7 (FHIR) interoperability.
digital transformation in healthcare
Full-Stack Development
Comprehensive development capabilities in Java, Angular, React, Node JS, NoSQL, and cloud-native applications.

Technology Stack

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Explore Our Culture and People

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Step into the vibrant world of Xyram's culture, where diversity is our power. Our global team is dedicated to creating lasting software solutions, letting you concentrate on what you do best. We encourage a mindset of continuous learning and problem-solving, empowering our engineers. Join us on this journey, breaking boundaries and propelling your digital business forward effortlessly.

Case Studies

interoperability in healthcare
Implemented Enterprise Data Lake on SAP HANA for a Global Conglomerate With Many Upstream and Downstream Applications on the Cloud or on-Prem
healthcare consulting firms
Successfully developed patient matching, or the ability to link patient records accurately and consistently from different healthcare sources
digital transformation consulting
Shared Services For A Telecom & Security Devices Firm On S/4 HANA SD, CS, MM, PP, QM, PM, FI/CO Modules