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Data driven Business Transformation post migration
After the successful launch of S/4 HANA and announcement of ECC retirement by SAP, many organizations across the world are planning to migrate from their existing ECC application to S/4 HANA. Many have already moved onto S/4 HANA successfully and few are planning their strategy in that direction. You may have migrated or still thinking on that lines, but the most essential question is what are your expectations from S/4 HANA Migration.
Improve Productivity using Power Apps for Business Workflow integration and automation
Every organization has an objective to improve the efficiency and productivity of their employees, to improve their operational margins and eliminate the redundant work.  Though organizations are focussing on adopting various technological solutions in digitizing their processes, most of these systems are targeting a specific business / departmental operation.  While ERP systems are giving solutions across the organizational departments, their processes are confined to the SOP’s followed by majority of similar organizations.
Interoperability in Healthcare
In United States exchanging and accessing the Health Data in secure manner is always challenging. It is difficult to exchange and access the data because the health data is more sensitive and require higher level of privacy and security. To deliver the effective healthcare to population it is very important to share and access the data across the Healthcare Organizations is very much required when it’s needed. So having Healthcare Interoperability in place helps health companies to effectively share information, most significantly by avoiding mistakes. It enables healthcare providers to offer a more patient-centred and data-driven approach, which enhances health outcomes.
Data Quality In Healthcare
Data must be accurate, complete, trustworthy, and correct to be valuable. Errors in decision-making, fatal mistakes in patient treatment, biased research results, and other serious issues are all caused by flawed data. While many healthcare facilities have gathered patient data, they have not yet created modern systems to uphold the caliber of the services offered. In Healthcare industry – Poor data quality and consistency would impact the following

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